Thursday, 30 January 2014


I like books. The idea of them at least. What you can learn and where you can adventure off to, essentially for free. I didn't used to like reading when I was young and I still have difficulty getting through books, even if I am heavily into the story. I CAN put it down, easily.

Paper books were all we knew when I was growing up. I didn't read my first novel, leisurely, until I was out of high school. In the past 6 years, I have read about a dozen books. Adventure, sci-fi, self-help, etc. I like to read now and I find it relaxing and helpful for my brain. Now, I'll even read newspapers and magazines where I just used to look at the headlines and photos. It is nice to hold the item and turn the pages physically. There's just something about it that is nice and comforting. I have also found a love of being in libraries and checking books out just feels so amazing! Most of the world doesn't have the access that we do in Canada, even with technology.

I have downloaded a couple books on my cell phone and I must say, I'm not a fan. I rarely use it and it can also be more distracting to read on my phone. I might get a message or remember to put something in my calendar or to email someone while reading and get completely off track. I know what you mean, the exact same thing can happen when reading a paper book, but the thing is, with that I do not have to look at my phone, if something comes to mind that I need to do I can simply write it down and do it later. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely onboard with most of technology, my husband is movie maker and I am a photographer. We have to keep up. But I think some things are best left alone. There are repercussions from things that we may not even realize until far down the road.

 I have read about the disconnect that happens in the brain. Recalling information is more difficult, especially where it is found in the book. The generation just 10-15 years younger than me is being labeled a "soundbite generation" and "bumper sticker generation". Posting online a short blurp about their day as it happens. This relates largely to people having a harder time around people, socializing and being, well, normal.

Maybe when I'm 75, I will be trying to hold on to many different things like this, wishing change didn't have to happen, being content with things the way they are. For now, I'll give most things a far chance to prove themselves and decide which route I want to go.

As for books, I'll stick to the wonderful library down the road from me and keep enjoying learning and adventuring in the lovely books that I can borrow for free.