Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Visiting with God

Prosperity teaching. Is it true. 'God wants me to be happy and live well.' My thought is so that 'I might then bless others with what God gives me'. (I don't think everyone has the same motive as me.) On the other hand, Jesus lived a simple life never having any assets. And somehow people think that God will make of their most wonderful dreams come true and that they will get that fancy house and car if they just believe it will happen. Shouldn't I be content with what I have and try to use what I already have to bless others. Even if it's just time. Which is what God wants?

It doesn't sound right when people say, "God doesn't want me to be sick, so I will not accept this illness." I think that if that were true, no one would be sick or die unless God actually did those things. Doesn't he allow us to be ill for a time or die because things happen from that. If there was no sorrow, there wouldn't be any compassion. People will act in kind and generous ways especially when things go wrong in other's lives. If people weren't hungry we wouldn't have food banks. If they weren't sick we wouldn't have hospitals. This would only happen if the whole world were at peace.

 I just returned from a nature walk down along the river where we live. I enjoyed just being there and watching the large winter birds fly above the river in front of me as I sat close at the edge and an otter dive in and out of the river, running alongside of it. He must have been chasing something downstream. Everything covered in so much snow, yet, the foot prints of deer, squirrels and other animals having been out in the cold for some food or a drink from the river.

A glimpse of my afternoon.

Cute snow-bunny!


In this I remember God in a more real and personal way. I find nature to be so real, so inviting and so majestic. There is something inspiring about it. I sat for a long time beside the river amongst the rocks and snow, listening to the water running past me more quickly than the cars on the bridge far above my head. Most times the washing of the water drowned out the motors above.

I went there with intentions of hearing some answers from God. I didn't know what to expect. I pictured him sitting in the snow next to me with legs stretched out over some rocks, his back leaning on the large rock behind us both and his hands crossed behind his head. He seemed to be relaxed and wanted me to join him in relaxing. So I did.

On his mind were some things that I worry about or have been questioning. He told me about prosperity and being content. He said they are one in the same. I need to live with the hopes and dreams of prosperity and peace for all and live contently with what I have around me. He doesn't mean for me to settle for better stuff than I have now. No, he means for me to do more with what I have. "As great gifts mean great responsibilities; greater gifts, greater responsibilities!" Luke 12:48b. I have heard this many, many times before in all kinds of different words. It means more to me this time, it encourages me to think that 'sure, I could a big fancy house and that would be fine. What matters is what I do with it.' 

I made sure to share my intentions with God. He knows they are only to be able to help others and bless and share. I want to live in a place that is not only comfortable and peaceful for me, but to anyone who I welcome in. I think hospitality is one of my gifts and I hope to have a real chance to use it to help the poor and lonely.