Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Hobbies - they keep me going

So, I didn't get in at Porter Airlines. I was rather bummed and discouraged by their rejection. But that was a month ago and now I am thinking of other ways to be grand. Perhaps I'll find something more suited to me. I've taken up juicing…just for fun and health, of course.

Apple, ginger, carrot, lemon, kale and orange are in this one. Pretty tasty! One day I watched a documentary on juicing and the health benefits. I had been feeling sick, warn down and tired so I was very interested in trying it out. I filled our fridge with fruits and vegetables and juiced for 7 days and I ate one simple and healthy meal a day. The first few days were hard and I felt nauseous and had little energy. I felt great after day 5 and have continued for a couple of weeks now, juicing something every day or two. I lost albs in the first week, though not my main goal, a pretty great bonus.

I have also been doing some crocheting in the last little while. I'm not sure what I'll do with these, if you're interested, let me know. I'm working on a blue, green and white blanket that is the same style as this peach one. I've also been doing a bit of custom sewing; backpacks, iPad cases, clothing repair, etc.

I've been busy in my garden. I have the typical tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, but I am adventuring this year with yellow peppers, cucumber, red onions, lemon mint, and zucchini. I'm excited to see what happens. 

About a month ago…


Well, they are growing well, but this is my dream vegetable garden…(sigh) Someday.